Movement joint

Expansion joint which consists of a central body made of flexible EPDM and two metal sides. One of the sides acts like a cover plate, hiding the rubber inside. This expansion joint has two different functions: is functional, as it absorbs expansions and contractions, and decorative.
Polyethylene foam rod for sealing applications, foam cord for filling or cover, bottom base made of closed cell polyethylene foam, easily compressible, supplied in the form of cords of circular section of various diameters. Serves as a depth limiter for seals in expansion joints. Supplied in whole rolls and long according to measure. (Approximate delivery...
Expansion joints profile made with aluminum for floors applications, has arrow shape, so it is specially indicated for high thickness floorings. Consists of two metal profiles with a flexible EPDM rubber inside.
Profile for expansion joints, manufactured in coextruded PVC, formed by body, rigid and flexible, which allows to absorb small variations of movement offering good resistance.
Expansion joints or movement joints made of coextruded PVC that allows to absorb movement variations offering good resistance. Model Novojunta 3.
Joints and profiles for concrete

Novojunta concrete 40 - PVC Concrete Joint rule

40 mm high hollow PVC joint rule profile for concrete joints that absorbs the expansion of concrete in screeds.It allows the cracking of concrete screeds, avoiding cutting with a disc on the back.Supplied in packs of 60 bars 2.5 m each, 150 m in total.(Approximate delivery time 7 days).
Structural expansion joints

DILEX-BWB - Plastic expansion joint

Profile for expansion joints or movement joints with hard plastic side elements. The upper movement zone is 10 mm soft CPE.
Structural expansion joints

DILEX-AKWS - Expansion joints for ceramics

Profile for expansion joints or movement joints with soft PVC band for ceramic tile floors or natural stone. Schlüter DILEX-AKWS is a maintenance- free movement joint profile for tile and natural stone surfaces subject to moderate mechanical stresses.
Structural expansion joints

DILEX-EKSB - Ultra thin expansion joints

Profile for expansion joints or fine and ultrafine movement for pvc or linoleum flooring. Maintenance free and suitable for heavy mechanical wear.
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