Overlap Stair profile

Non-slip stair nosing profile. Its wide striated surface and its non-slip strip fulfill with the most demanding safety standards, increasing the value of slip resistance of any flooring. It is installed after tiling. Ideal for public areas with heavy pedestrian (foot) traffic.
Stair nosing profile made of an extra resistant polymer specially developed to obtain the bestbenefits in all kind of environments. Not only indoors but also in submerged or humid environmentsor outdoors. Thanks to the addition of biocides, which prevent from mold growing, it stands stable inhumid and submerged environments.
Stairs nosing profiles

Non-slip adhesive tape in black

Anti-slip tape with adhesive, designed to replace the strip included in the model Novopeldaño Safety, Novopeldaño Safety Plus, Novopletina Safety or to be directly place on floorings to make them anti-slip.
Non-slip plate for stair steps. Anodized aluminum plate profile with non-slip tape. R13 certified according to DIN51130 standard. They meet the strictest safety regulations, increasing the safety of any pavement. It is placed on top of the existing tiling. Ideal for public places with a lot of traffic.
Stair nosing to be placed after tiling work, made of anodized aluminum silver matt finish. This profile has a photoluminescent strip useful as a guide in case of darkness. With striated non-slip surface, is very light and easy to install after tiling. Delivered with protective film. Ideal to be placed in public areas.
Step plate profile made of natural aluminum designed to be placed as an orientation and guide element for people with visual disabilities. Its grooved relief IMPROVES THE SLIP RESISTANCE (Rd) of any pavement.
Stairs nosing profiles

Non-slip PVC stair profile

Profiles for protection of steps or non-slip PVC stair mats. Plastic profiles that comply with safety regulations. PVC (Polyvinylchloride) tread edge or stair nosing for stair tread protection. Wide grooved surface that gives it anti-slip characteristics. Supplied in packages of 15 bars 3.00 m long.
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