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Finishing aluminium profile for edge protection in floor coverings adjoin carpet or coverings of a similar thickness or as a finishing profile for the edges of wall coverings. (e.g. LVT flooring and laminate, parquet etc.).
Profile with slimm visible side made of aluminium or brass which can be curvable, designed to cover joints and separate floorings. This profile, due to its dimensions, is intended to be installed before or after the tiling. The brass model has two heights available. The profile is perfect to be installed in floorings like marble or terrazzo as it can be...
Cover joint profiles

T-shaped profile as a floor transition

Flashing, joint or T-shaped profile installed as a transition between adjoining floor coverings of the same height e.g. ceramic tiles or natural stone, parquet flooring, concrete pavers, PVC laminate etc.
Stainless steel profile intended to be placed as a trim in joints between floors. Due to its geometry, the face side is overlapped in the floor. This avoids to see the grouted joints below and provides a high decorative value. This profile is available in natural finish high brightness. It is delivered with protective film on its surface, to avoid...
Embellisher profile for joints. Its assymetrical shape allows laying pieces of different thickness and materials in each side of the profile. The top section covers and decorates the joint among floorings with a perfect finish.
Straight edge trim with simple lines made of aluminium, intended to be installed as an edge protector, flooring separator, countertop finish... It can be installed with floorings or wall tiles between 3 and 30 mm width.
Embellisher profile for joints. The top section covers and decorates the joint created by tiles. For its placement, just incrust it into the joint between floorings. It can be placed before or after the flooring. It is available in matt silver and matt gold finishes.
Extruded profile that finishes and protects the edges of tiled coverings, as well as other surfacing materials. For transitions between different surface coverings (e.g. tile to carpet); dado coverings; edge protection at expansion joints; decorative edging for stairs, etc.
Floors profiles

SCHIENE-ES - Tile corner profile

Transitions or coverings profile to protect and decorate edges or edges of ceramic tiles and floors. With joint separator between profile and tile.
Solid brass separation and decoration profile for terrazzo floors. Available in natural brass and can be polished at the same time as the floor.
Edging & outside wall corners profiles

WINKEL - L-shaped solid aluminum profile

Solid non-perforated angular aluminum profile for different fields of application. It can be used as corners or corners for tiles that receive frequent blows or impacts. As a decorative finish or as a transition profile between orthogonal walls of different materials.
Profile for expansion joints, manufactured in coextruded PVC, formed by body, rigid and flexible, which allows to absorb small variations of movement offering good resistance.
Expansion joints profile made with aluminum for floors applications, has arrow shape, so it is specially indicated for high thickness floorings. Consists of two metal profiles with a flexible EPDM rubber inside.

Expansion joints

Find all types of expansion, perimeter, meeting, movement, structural or fractionation joints.

Juntas de dilatación
Felpudos técnicos

Technical doormats

Carpets and mats are an effective barrier against dust, moisture and dirt, offering maximum protection and durability to floors.

Accessibility and safety

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