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Accessibility and Safety

Novotop Access Steel - Podotactile button

Novotop Access Steel tactile buttons are made of zinc plated steel and designed as a warning solution to identify areas with obstacles. To create a tactile floor.
Galvanized profile for fixing EPDM type waterproofing membrane. It acts as a linear anchorage in the installation of the waterproofing. Metal profile 2.00 meters long made of 50 mm wide and 1.2 mm thick sheet metal. Available in straight or slotted folded profile. Supplied with 6 mm perforations every 20 cm. 
Extruded profile that finishes and protects the edges of tiled coverings, as well as other surfacing materials. For transitions between different surface coverings (e.g. tile to carpet); dado coverings; edge protection at expansion joints; decorative edging for stairs, etc.
Skirting and coved-shaped profiles

Novorodapie semiflex - Semi flexible PVC skirting

Semiflex PVC skirting board is a profile made of semi-flexible white or gray PVC. Flexibility highly functional adaptability. White or gray skirting board.
Profile for expansion joints, manufactured in coextruded PVC, formed by body, rigid and flexible, which allows to absorb small variations of movement offering good resistance.
Anti-slip profile in natural aluminum for embedding and with a grooved face that reduces the slipperiness of the flooring and increases its safety. Its main function is as a non-slip element on stairs or ramps with very thick pavements such as terrazzo, granite or marble, although it can also be installed with thinner ceramic pavements.
Edging & outside wall corners profiles

FINEC-A - Ultra slim edge profile

High-quality finishing profile for creating external edges of tile coverings or rendered surfaces. Schlüter-FINEC protects the edge of the covering – including glass mosaics – from mechanical damage with a slim, elegant corner formation.
Cover joint profiles

T-shaped profile as a floor transition

Flashing, joint or T-shaped profile installed as a transition between adjoining floor coverings of the same height e.g. ceramic tiles or natural stone, parquet flooring, concrete pavers, PVC laminate etc.
Skirting and coved-shaped profiles

Novorodapie L - Anodized aluminum skirting board

Aluminum skirting board or decorative plinth profile, with an elegant simple design. Metal skirting board with straight lines, easy and quick installation. The profile contoured ends give a snug fit on the wall covering over the bottom perimeter along the dilatation gap joint, thus ensuring the necessary expansion movement to the floor.
Novopeldaño MaxiTokyo is a stair nosing made of Maxi, an exclusive raw material of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) family of products. Its particular geometry and appearance contribute to embellish all kind of stairs, specially the rustic ones, being the perfect alternative to natural wood profiles.d of stairs, specially the rustic ones, being the perfect...
Finishing aluminium profile for edge protection in floor coverings adjoin carpet or coverings of a similar thickness or as a finishing profile for the edges of wall coverings. (e.g. LVT flooring and laminate, parquet etc.).
Profile Accessories

RONDEC-E - external angle

External angle accessory. Stainless steel profiles for the corners of walls with ceramic coverings, with different finishes.
Edging & outside wall corners profiles

Novopared Novosuelo - PVC edge corner profile

PVC corners for wall or floor economical modern line at right angles as a finish to protect and decorate corners of ceramic tiles.  Profile with simple lines made of aluminium, intended to be installed as an edge protector, flooring separator, countertop finish... It can be installed with floors or walls between 6 and 12 mm in height.
Accesories for balcony Profiles

BARA-RT - splice

Splice for T-shaped gutter profile, in lacquered aluminum, for finishing balconies and terraces.
Profile Accessories

QUADEC-A - Angle

Angle for QUADEC-A. High quality anodized aluminum trim profile for exterior corners of walls covered with ceramic tiles.
Aluminium stair nosing profile to protect and decorate stairs covered with ceramic. The design of its recess allows the installation of any LED strip without the need for a diffuser, giving the profile a greater decorative charge. Its visible anti-slip face contributes to increasing the safety of the staircase. Dimensions a = 22 mm / h = 10 - 12 mm
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