Novotop Access Acero - Botón podotáctil
Novotop Access Acero - Botón podotáctil

Self-adhesive composite overlay tactile studs


Self-adhesive composite touch pad buttons have been designed as a warning solution to identify areas with obstacles. To create podotactile flooring or pavement and improve accessibility.

(Pack of 3 platelets of 50 units. Delivery time approximately 7 days)

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Composite (polyamide + fiberglass) podotactile buttons have been designed to improve accessibility and as a quick and easy warning solution to identify areas with obstacles, or areas where there is a change in height or opening without protection, such as stairs and open platforms. Made of composite resin, they are ideal for indoor environments, and due to their non-slip and podotactile texture, they are easily identifiable by users. The placement template adjusts the size and arrangement of the installation holes.

Self-adhesive composite overlay tactile studs or podotactile routing


Podotactile buttons designed for placement, according to a pattern, as a warning element against the risk posed by the edges of platforms, pedestrian crossings, beginning and end of stairs, among others, especially for the blind and visually impaired.

Placed at the beginning and end of stairs, they serve as a signaling element by means of tactile contrast thanks to the 5 mm projection.
These self-adhesive podotactile buttons made of composite are indicated for indoor placement.


Made of composite plastic based on polyamide reinforced with fiberglass. Fiberglass increases its impact resistance and gives it a rough finish. The composite material has good wear resistance and durability.

GRANUO VHBTM 3M adhesive: High resistance and high durability. Good impact resistance. Solvent resistant. Apply to smooth floors like tile and laminate. You can safely walk after 30 minutes. Apply strong pressure during the application and do not place at a temperature below 15 ° C.


The installation of a podotactile pavement is done in a simple way. You can help with the placement template available optionally although recommended.

  1. Position the template on the ground and make sure that it is correctly fixed and in its optimal position and mark the placement points.
  2. Remove the touch-sensitive buttons from the plate on which they are supplied.
  3. Attach the foot-touch buttons at the corresponding points thanks to the built-in adhesive.
  4. Let dry. Observe the drying time indicated by the adhesive manufacturer.

Self-adhesive composite overlay tactile studs or podotactile routing

Cleaning and maintenance

The composite tactile pavement does not require excessive maintenance. It will be enough to use water and detergent or a specific neutral cleaner in solution. Outdoors the rains will have a cleaning function.

The use of abrasive or pickling products as well as strong acids (hydrochloric and perchloric), strong bases (caustic soda or ammonia) or carbonated solutions is not recommended.

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