BARIN-SR - Juego desagüe
BARIN-SR - Juego desagüe

BARIN-SR - Drain set


Drain for lacquered aluminum gutter system for water evacuation on terraces and balconies. Gutter downspouts to Schlüter®-BARA profiles.

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Drainage for lacquered aluminium guttering system for water drainage on terraces and balconies. These gutters are intended for attachment to Schlüter®-BARA profiles.

BARIN-SR - Sistema de canalones de aluminio

Composition of the pack:

  • 1 pc. 20 cm gutter with drain (Part no. 7).
  • 2 pcs. connecting element (Part no. 9)
  • 2 screws


Schlüter®-BARIN is a gutter system for balconies and terraces comprising all the elements required for perfect installation, including internal and external angles, connecting elements, end caps, downpipes and gargoyles.

Schlüter®-BARIN is attached to the profiles of the Schlüter®-BARA family and in particular to the Schlüter®-BARA-RKLT, -RTK, -RTEK, -RTKEG or -RTP profiles with the corresponding screws.

The slope can be adjusted by up to 30 mm thanks to the slots on the back of the gutters. All Schlüter®-BARIN accessories are fixed to the gutter with a locking system.


All elements of the Schlüter®-BARIN gutter system, including internal and external corners, connecting elements, end caps, downpipes and gargoyles, as well as all accessories, are made of lacquered aluminium.

Material properties and fields of application:

Schlüter®-BARIN is made of lacquered aluminium. The aluminium profile does not discolour, is weather-resistant and UV-resistant. Visible surfaces must be protected against abrasive attack.


  1. Cut the gutters of the Schlüter®-BARIN system to the required size and fix them to the previously installed Schlüter®-BARA profiles using the screws supplied. Thanks to the slots, it will be possible to create a slope if necessary.
  2. For the sealing of two gutters, a corresponding connecting piece is used, which is fixed by positioning it right in the middle.
  3. Thanks to a rubber gasket inside the jointing piece, it is possible to guarantee the complete watertightness of the joint.
  4. Insert any special elements, such as external and internal angles, into the previously installed Schlüter®-BARA profiles using the screws provided. Seal the joint using the connecting elements, positioning them in the centre of the joints. There is no difference between the installation of the 90° and 135° angle.
  5. To connect the gutter system to a downpipe, the 20 cm special piece with a drain pipe must first be installed and screwed to the Schlüter®-BARA profile. The connection areas must be sealed with the corresponding connecting pieces, leaving the joint right in the middle of the piece.
  6. The end caps are to be positioned against the gutter and fixed with the connecting pieces from below.
  7. All slots and fastening hardware shall be covered with a cladding profile with a clip fastening system.
  8. To complete the installation, the corner protectors are glued on.

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