Novogrip Access - Placa podotáctil
Novogrip Access - Placa podotáctil

Dinalert DV10 TPU Large - 975x412 mm inner tactile plate


Podotactile paving tiles with high contrast design to the pavement and tactile button pattern, improves accessibility, allows blind or visually impaired people to be alerted to areas with obstacles or areas where there is a change in height or opening without protection.

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Due to its contrasting design with the pavement and tactile button pattern, the podotactile paving tiles alert blind or visually impaired people to areas with obstacles or areas where there is a change in height or opening without protection. Its easy installation by means of adhesive and maintenance, offers a simple solution for the fulfillment of the accessibility in interiors of infrastructures and public buildings, but also suitable for private uses.


Podotactile tile designed as a warning element against the risk posed by the edges of platforms, pedestrian crossings, beginning and end of stairs, among others, for the blind or visually impaired.

The Novogrip Access tiles, placed on stairs, serve as a signaling element using color and tactile contrast.

It can be placed indoors or outdoors, ensuring that it does not receive direct sunlight as it does not offer much resistance to UV rays.


The paving tiles for touch pad are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).

TPU is a thermoplastic polymer that does not require vulcanization for its processing, and can be formed through common processes such as injection molding, extrusion and blowing. TPU is characterized by its high resistance to abrasion, wear, tear, oxygen, ozone and low temperatures. It is a plastic widely used in engineering and special applications.

Technical characteristics and tests

Reaction to fire Cfl - s1 EN 13501-1

It is easily installed on finished pavement using adhesives.

The use of mesh reinforced double-sided acrylic tape is recommended.

For installation on porous substrates, the use of a primer for the substrate is highly recommended, especially on surfaces with anti-graffiti or anti-stain treatments.

  1. Clean the support where you are going to install the touch pads and check that the product is free of residues.
  2. Make sure that both the bracket and the plate are dry and in good condition before proceeding with the installation.
  3. Apply double-sided tape to the back of the tiles.
  4. Remove the protective paper from the adhesive and stick the tile on the desired surface. Apply pressure for optimal adhesion.
  5. Clean the remains with a soft cloth and let dry.

In case of installing the tiles outdoors, make sure that it is covered and always protected from solar radiation. To install it, proceed as in the steps described above but instead of the adhesive tape use a nitrile based contact glue. Always do a preliminary test to verify that the chosen adhesive is optimal.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning should be done with water and detergent or neutral specific cleaner in solution. The correct use of bleach or stronger cleaners on the market does not affect you. When in doubt, always use the solution cleaner and test in a less visible area.

The use of chromic, sulfuric acid or organic solvents such as ethyl acetate, acetone or toluene is not recommended.

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