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Structural expansion joints

Firestop cord as a barrier against flames

The main function of this cord is to act as a barrier against flames, smoke and hot or flammable gases in case of fire, preventing its propagation to the rest of the installation. Classification of reaction to fire M0 / A1 S1 (EN 13501:2:2016), and a fire resistance of 240 minutes (EN 1366-4).
Plinths accesories

Novorodapie Eclipse SP- Side Cover

Side cover for LED skirting board made of aluminum for installation as a plinth in plasterboard installations. Allows the installation of a LED lighting strip (not included) in the interior hole.
Walls, Floor and countertops profiles

Novobisel - Decorative beveled tile corner

Bevelled aluminum corner for use as a protective and decorative edge in corners of walls covered with ceramic tiles, as well as skirting boards or tiled walls at medium height.Its face seen in bezel finished off with a delicate edge, integrates with the coating providing a fine and elegant finish.
Aluminium stair nosing profile to protect and decorate stairs covered with ceramic. The design of its recess allows the installation of any LED strip without the need for a diffuser, giving the profile a greater decorative charge. Its visible anti-slip face contributes to increasing the safety of the staircase. Dimensions a = 22 mm / h = 10 - 12 mm
Plinths accesories

Novorodapie Eclipse - Side cover

Side cover for LED skirting board made of aluminum for placement as a socket in installations with laminated plasterboard. It allows the installation of an LED lighting strip (Not included) in the interior cavity, giving the profile a double functionality with a high decorative load thanks to the indirect ambient light.
Stainless steel stair nosing profile to protect and decorate stairs covered with ceramic tiles. The visible rough visible side helps to increase the safety of the staircase. Its design, before installation, integrates perfectly into the staircase and gives it an elegant touch. Measurements a = 25 mm / h = 11 mm
Decorative aluminum skirting board for finishing of yeco plates, of elegant simple design. Allows you to place led lighting in the socket to create ambient light. This profile is highly versatile and reversible. It can be used not only as a skirting board, but also as an intermediate or top trim on the wall in two different positions. 
Expansion joint which consists of a central body made of flexible EPDM and two metal sides. One of the sides acts like a cover plate, hiding the rubber inside. This expansion joint has two different functions: is functional, as it absorbs expansions and contractions, and decorative.
Outside corner for skirting board made of stainless steel AISI304. Fast and very simple to place with usual adhesives. Discontinued product - Available while stocks last - Please ask for details
Novopeldaño MaxiTokyo is a stair nosing made of Maxi, an exclusive raw material of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) family of products. Its particular geometry and appearance contribute to embellish all kind of stairs, specially the rustic ones, being the perfect alternative to natural wood profiles.d of stairs, specially the rustic ones, being the perfect...
Decorative joints profiles for tiles

Novolistel MaxiSahara - Decorative border square profile

Square section profile made of PVC with the addition of vegetable fibres from recycled organic waste.Fluted finish that can be installed both indoors and outdoors, providing protection for corners. Available in various colours to provide a solution to multiple trends.
Profile with slimm visible side made of aluminium or brass which can be curvable, designed to cover joints and separate floorings. This profile, due to its dimensions, is intended to be installed before or after the tiling. The brass model has two heights available. The profile is perfect to be installed in floorings like marble or terrazzo as it can be...
Edging & outside wall corners profiles

Novopared Novosuelo - PVC edge corner profile

PVC corners for wall or floor economical modern line at right angles as a finish to protect and decorate corners of ceramic tiles.  Profile with simple lines made of aluminium, intended to be installed as an edge protector, flooring separator, countertop finish... It can be installed with floors or walls between 6 and 12 mm in height.
Edging & outside wall corners profiles

Novocanto Maxi - Composite rounded edge profile

Corner profiles for tiles designed for edge protection. Decorative profiles for ceramic installations. Made of composite. Rounded edge profile designed to protect edges and corners of tilings. This material belongs to WPC family (Wood Plastic Composites), adding vegetable fibers in its composition and contributing so to preserv the Environment. 
Stainless steel profile intended to be placed as a trim in joints between floors. Due to its geometry, the face side is overlapped in the floor. This avoids to see the grouted joints below and provides a high decorative value. This profile is available in natural finish high brightness. It is delivered with protective film on its surface, to avoid...
Edging & outside wall corners profiles

Novopilastra - Aluminum corners profile

Profile of anodized aluminum based on simple, pure and perfect shapes. It is perfect to finish and protect wall corners and work surfaces and to beautify wall tiles in an industrial style environment. Currently, it is one of the most important decorative trends.
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