QUADEC-FS - Decorative aluminum borders


Decorative borders or aluminum profiles as listels for kitchens and bathrooms QUADEC-FS model that allows the insertion of ceramic strips inside.

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QUADEC-FS decorative aluminum borders are finishing profiles for indoor use, with which you can obtain visually very attractive wall coverings. The profiles can be combined with the QUADEC series corner pieces for tiles and finishing profiles.

The QUADEC-FS aluminum profiles have two visible areas 10 mm wide. In the free area of ​​50 mm of the profile, the decorative coating can be fixed or another type of material can be inserted.

The profile is available in different finishes that offer an aesthetic design, and the possibility of creating interesting contrasts.

Decorative borders or aluminum profiles as listels

Installation manual

  1. The decorative aluminum borders or QUADEC-FS listelos are used in combination with 11 mm thick tiles, remaining flush. For tiles with lower thickness, the profile will protrude above the tiled surface.
  2. Place the ceramic tile to the desired position, where the decorative QUADEC-FS listello will be installed as a decorative strip. Next, apply a sufficient amount of traditional tile cement to the back of the QUADEC-FS aluminum profile, and press the profile until it is flush with the cladding, or protrudes evenly over it.
  3. Then lay the next row of tiles.
  4. Between the tile and the profile, leave a 2 mm joint, which must be completely filled with grouting material.
  5. Sensitive surfaces must be worked with suitable materials and tools, which cannot cause scratches or damage. The mortar or grouting material will be removed immediately from visible areas.
  6. Corresponding end pieces are available for the inside and outside corners.

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