JOLLY-TS - Textured finished aluminium edge profile


Aluminium edge profile with textured lacquered finish used as border profile for tiles and ceramic tiles, which protects and decorates them.

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Decorative aluminium profile with a special coating structure and texture for external wall corners of tile coverings and finished edges of skirtings and coverings, which protects the edges of tiles from mechanical damage. The joint spacer defines a joint chamber with the tile.

The surfaces of Schlüter JOLLY-TS profiles (textured finished aluminium) have a natural appearance.

Finishing profile that protects the external corners of tiled wall surfaces against damage. The range of available sizes and finishes permits the matching of the profile to a wide variety of tile and grout colours, or allows many design opportunities through the use of contrasting colours.

Other applications include dado coverings and transitions for coverings such as carpet, natural stone, or epoxy resin coverings for wall areas.

In addition to the profile’s decorative effect, the tiles are protected against damage caused by mechanical stresses along the edges. The integrated joint spacer forms a defined joint cavity with the tile.

Aluminium edge profile with lacquered textured finished - JOLLY - TS


  • H = 6, 8, 10, 11, 12.5 mm
  • L = 2,50 m


The Schlüter JOLLY-TS textured aluminum profiles are available in the following finishes:

  • TSI = Ivory Textured Aluminum
  • TSC = Cream Textured Aluminum
  • TSBG = Beige Gray Textured Aluminum
  • TSB = Beige Textured Aluminum
  • TSSG = Stone Gray Textured Aluminum
  • TSG = Gray Textured Aluminum
  • TSOB = Bronze Textured Aluminum
  • TSLA = Light anthracite textured aluminum
  • TSDA = Dark anthracite textured aluminum
  • TSR = Textured Aluminum Oxide

Schluter - Textured lacquered aluminum finishes


  1. Select Schlüter JOLLY according to tile thickness.
  2. Apply tile adhesive to the area where the tile covering will end, using a notched trowel. If Schlüter JOLLY is to be installed in wall corners, complete the tiling of one wall, then apply tile adhesive in the corner area of the second wall.
  3. Press the perforated anchoring leg of the Schlüter JOLLY into the tile adhesive and align.
  4. Trowel additional adhesive over the perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage.
  5. Firmly press the adjoining tiles into place and adjust them in such a way that the upper lip of the profile is flush with the tile. Ensure full coverage when setting tiles in the profile area.
  6. The tile is set to the lateral joint spacer, which ensures a uniform joint of 1.5 mm. With the stainless steel profiles, leave a space of approximately 1.5 mm.
  7. Fill the joint completely with grout.
  8. Work with materials and tools that will not scratch or damage sensitive surfaces. Setting materials must be removed immediately, especially on aluminium.


Schlüter JOLLY does not require any special maintenance. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents on sensitive areas. Damaged anodised surfaces can be restored with paint.

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