JOLLY - Decorative aluminum or brass corners edging profile


JOLLY are decorative aluminum or brass canton profiles used as corner corners for ceramic tiles and tiles, which protects and decorates them.

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Edging profile that protects the external corners of tiled wall surfaces against damage. The range of available sizes and finishes permits the matching of the profile to a wide variety of tile and grout colours, or allows many design opportunities through the use of contrasting colours.

Other applications include dado coverings and transitions for coverings such as carpet, natural stone, or epoxy resin coverings for wall areas.

In addition to the profile’s decorative effect, the tiles are protected against damage caused by mechanical stresses along the edges. The integrated joint spacer forms a defined joint cavity with the tile.

JOLLY - Aluminum or brass corners or brass profiles


Schlüter JOLLY is available in the following finishes:

  • MC = Chrome-plated brass
  • AE = Aluminum, natural anodized matte anodized

Note: The materials brass, aluminum, natural anodized aluminum and stainless steel are part of the Schlüter SCHIENE product family.

How to use

  1. Choose Schlüter JOLLY aluminum or brass corner pieces according to the thickness of the tiles.
  2. Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel over the entire surface where the covering is to be laid. If Schlüter JOLLY is laid on the outside corner of a wall, the ceramic tiles should first be laid on one wall and then the adhesive is applied to the corner of the second wall.
  3. Schlüter JOLLY is laid by pressing the trapezoid-shaped perforated side into the adhesive and the profile is adjusted.
  4. The perforated side must be completely covered with adhesive.
  5. The tiles are laid by pressing and adjusting them to the level of the profile. There should be no gaps on the back of the tiles in the profile areas.
  6. The tiles are laid by gluing them to the profile spacer, thus ensuring a uniform joint of 1.5 mm.
  7. The joints between the profile and the tiles must be completely filled with grout.
  8. Sensitive surfaces must be treated with materials and tools that cannot cause damage and scratches.
  9. Any remaining grout or thin-set mortar must be removed immediately, especially in the case of aluminum.


Schlüter JOLLY aluminum or brass corner pieces do not require any special maintenance. For sensitive surfaces, no abrasive cleaning agents should be used. Deterioration of the anodized coatings can only be removed by repainting.

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