Entrance matting systems with aluminum profile
Entrance matting systems with aluminum profile

Brushed finish entrance mat with aluminum profile

Entrance matting systems, technical mat or carpet finished with carpet, ideal to adapt to any for entrance of built-in stores or superimposed on the pavement.

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Entrance matting systems, door mats or carpets designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and are made up of strips fastened with metal profiles between which different finishes of textile curl, rubber striated or scraping brush alternate. Being a mat of open constitution, dirt falls between the rails thus facilitating its subsequent cleaning by simply rolling the carpet.

Composed of aluminum profiles joined by stainless steel cable and separated by intermediate rubber rings that allow winding the mat to facilitate cleaning and transport.

General characteristics:

  • Total thickness depending on the finish: from 10 to 25mm.
  • Profile width: 30mm.
  • Weight 1 m2: from 12 to 20 kg (depending on the height of the profile and the finish used)
  • Transit: Unlimited traffic, transport traffic or pallets (150 kg per wheel [600 kg per pallet])
  • Metal elements: Aluminum
  • Cable type: Galvanized steel Ø3 mm
  • Cushioning material: Waterproof foam tape
  • Application: Outdoor / indoor use area, especially recommended for areas with high pedestrian traffic.
  • Installation: In a hole made in the floor in such a way that the upper surface of the doormat is oriented towards the floor or the overpass profile placed on it.
  • Finishing materials: 100% polypropylene (ryps), rubber & scrub insert
  • Finish colors: Black, gray or brown (consult for other colors)

Specific characteristics according to the finishes:

Nylon Brush Finish (scrub):

  • Total thickness: 25mm & 20mm & 15mm.
  • Profile height: 19 mm & 15 mm & 10mm.
  • Profile width: 30mm.
  • Temperature: From -40ºC to + 70ºC

The technical mats are an effective barrier to prevent the entry of dust, moisture and dirt, offering maximum protection and durability to the pavements. They are guaranteed for the passage of more than 50,000 people / day.

It favors accessibility for people with reduced mobility, and allows commercial traffic: pedestrians, trolleys, cars, etc., and they are the ideal solution for standard-sized door mats at entrance to shops, entertainment venues, etc ...

They are specially designed to prevent the entry of dirt and limit its spread on the pavement in both public and residential buildings.

They support an intense traffic of people and favor accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Apart from the standard measures, they are manufactured to suit the client adapting to any size or shape and in a very tight delivery time.

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