Banda PVC con bulbo
Banda PVC con bulbo

PVC band with bulb for internal seal

Bands made of high quality PVC for expansion joints of deposits or areas subject to permanent humidity. They have a central bulb to allow deformation and displacement of the joint.

(Bulky material - approximate delivery time of 7 days)

(On request measures 300, 360 and 440 mm)

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The PVC strip with bulb (Water Stop Joint) is used as a sealing and expansion joint in concrete. They ensure hydraulic tightness, even working under pressure. They are used in swimming pools, canals, aqueducts, deposits, dikes, foundations in general, walls, galleries, underground passages, parking areas, silos, treatment plants, etc.

The joint is manufactured by an extrusion process, with PVC, thermoplastic material.

Banda de PVC con bulbo - Rollo 25 m

Model A B C D Width Length
Bulb 150 2,3 mm 3,5 mm 23 mm 27 mm 150 mm 25 m
Bulb 200 2,5 mm 3,7 mm 25 mm 30 mm 200 mm 25 m
Bulb 220 2,5 mm 3,7 mm 25 mm 30 mm 220 mm 25 m
Bulb 250 2,5 mm 4 mm 25 mm 30 mm 250 mm 25 m
Bulb 300 2,6 mm 4 mm 30 mm 38 mm 300 mm 20 m

Banda de PVC con bulbo interna en rollo

They are boards for internal use, which are located in the center of the section to be concreted. For expansion joints with maximum expansion 20 mm and maximum lateral movement of 10 mm.


Expansion and sealing joints, horizontally or vertically, for internal use.

  • Treatment plants, tanks, swimming pools, canals, dams, dikes
  • Foundations, basements, underground garages, screen walls
  • Tunnels, galleries etc.

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