DILEX-HVD - Screed expansion Key joint connectors


Screed key joints for creating movement joints in recesses or screeds and restricting vertical movement on both sides of the joint.

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Schlüter DILEX-HVD is a safety plug in the screed installation to bridge vertical differences between two fields in the area of ​​the movement joints.

Dowels are used to transfer shear stress through construction joints and movement in concrete.

They are often molded or drilled into concrete. A single row of short, thick pins provides reasonable shear stress transfer but suffers from warping effects. This can lead to stress concentrations with the consequent cracking of the concrete.

Screed expansion Key joint connectors for structural movements

When pins are used through expansion and contraction joints, half the length of the bar is peeled off to allow movement.

Dowel joints require formwork to be drilled for the pins to pass through, or concrete to be drilled to fix the pins with resin on one side.

In joints with movement, it is necessary to exactly align the pins in both directions to ensure that movement can actually take place, otherwise cracking is likely to occur.

Traditional single pins are not very effective when used through joints greater than 10 mm wide.

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