Novotop Access Acero - Botón podotáctil
Novotop Access Acero - Botón podotáctil

Recessed touch button placement template


Template for placement of knob-on buttons Steel in signaling for the blind and to improve accessibility on floors.

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The installation of buttons is easily done by drilling holes. The optionally available but recommended installation template can be used as an aid. 

The installation of buttons is easily done by using adhesives. The installation template is available as an option but recommended.

  1. The template, measuring 637.5 x 450 mm, is designed for the installation of 88 buttons.
  2. Position the template on the floor and ensure that it is correctly fixed and in its optimum position.
  3. Drill 10 mm diameter holes coinciding with the centre of all the holes in the fitting template.
  4. Remove the template and remove the drilling debris by vacuuming.
  5. Fill the holes with chemical sealant.
  6. Insert the steel buttons into the holes
  7. Allow to dry. Observe the drying time indicated by the manufacturer.

For the installation of steel buttons you can use a common chemical sealant on the market.

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