BARA-RW - Dripper L-shaped profile


L-shaped finishing profile made of stainless steel or colour coated aluminium for the exposed edges of balconies and terraces. The profile produces a visually appealing edge finish and protects the exposed edges of the structural slab from weather and corrosion. 

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L-shaped stainless steel dripline or colour coated aluminium for the exposed edges of balconies and terraces. The profile produces a visually appealing edge finish and protects the exposed edges of the structural slab from weather and corrosion. The Schlüter BARA-RW edging profile is solidly embedded into the thin bed mortar and integrated into the bonded waterproof layer.

Schlüter BARA-RW is also suited for the renovation of balconies and terraces if the tiles are to be installed onto the existing substrate using the thin bed method.

Dripper L-shaped profile BARA-RW


Schlüter BARA-RW is available in colour coated aluminium and stainless steel.

Material properties and areas of application:
Schlüter BARA-RW is made of colour coated aluminium.

The coil coating of the aluminium profile is colourfast, weather and UV resistant. Visible surfaces should be protected against abrasion. No water should be allowed to collect in the thin adhesive layer in which the profile is embedded, since alkaline water may corrode the aluminium.

Schlüter BARA-RWE consists of roll formed stainless steel, material 1.4301, and can withstand high chemical and mechanical stresses. The profile may also be selected for its high end visual appeal. In special cases, the suitability of Schlüter BARA-RW must be verified based on the anticipated chemical, mechanical, and/or other stresses.


  1. Select Schlüter BARA-RW according to the height of the floor assembly to be covered. Prefabricated corners and connectors are available for inside corners, outside corners, and butt joints. Abut the ends of the Schlüter BARA-RW profile, leaving approx. a 5 mm joint. Cover the joint with the snap-on connector. At the edges of the structural slab, place the anchoring leg of Schlüter BARA-RW on a thin layer of mortar, vertically align, and fix into position.
  2. Fully embed the trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of the Schlüter BARA-RW profile into the contact layer of thin bed mortar, and cover completely.
  3. The Schlüter DITRA 25 waterproofing membrane should abut the edge of the profile. The remaining joint between the Schlüter DITRA 25 waterproofing membrane and the profile is covered with Schlüter KERDI-BAND. Use the sealing adhesive Schlüter KERDI-COLL or the installation adhesive Schlüter KERDI-FIX to attach the sealing tape with an overlap of at least 5 cm on Schlüter DITRA 25 and to the angled edge of Schlüter BARA-RW.
  4. Note: Lay the tile in such a way that it protrudes approximately 10 mm over the edge of the profile. If a balcony border tile is to be used, keep a space of at least 10 mm between the vertical leg of the trim and the edging profile. The drip lip cannot prevent the dripping water from coming into contact with the front edge or the wall area in all cases.


Schlüter BARA-RW requires no special maintenance or care. The coated surface of the aluminium profile is colourfast and UV resistant. Damaged visible surfaces can be restored with paint.

Stainless steel surfaces exposed to the environment or aggressive substances should be cleaned periodically using a mild household cleaner. Regular cleaning maintains the neat appearance of stainless steel and reduces the risk of corrosion. All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid.

Avoid contact with other metals such as steel, since this can cause extraneous rust. This also includes tools such as trowels or steel wool, i.e. tools used to remove mortar residue.

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