ARCLINE-APE - Decorative profile for accessory placement


Decorative borders, aluminum profiles or listels for kitchens and bathrooms ARCLINE-APE model. Decorative lists for accessory placement ARCLINE-BAK

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ARCLINE-APE is a decorative profile for creating a space around the edges of walls and shelves covered with ceramic. This space accommodates Schlüter-ARCLINE-BAK accessories for custom bathroom design. The profile is supplied with a decorative plastic trim in the same color as the profile, which allows the space to be covered if desired.

Decorative finishing profile with trim, in the same color as the profile, for horizontal installation.

Removing the decorative trim reveals an interior space, in which selected accessories from Schlüter-ARCLINE-BAK can be hung as required.

The Schlüter-ARCLINE-APE profile has a visible surface with a narrow groove, which allows the installation of the ARCLINE-BAK accessories or the Schlüter-ARCLINE decorative trim. Schlüter-ARCLINE-APE can be combined with Schlüter-QUADEC end profiles.

ARCLINE-APE - Decorative profile for fitting accessoriesón de accesorios


Schlüter-ARCLINE-APE are available in the following finishes:

  • AE = Natural matt anodized aluminum
  • AC = Lacquered aluminum
  • TS = Textured Aluminum

Decorative piece: thermoplastic elastomer

Material properties and fields of application:
Anodized aluminum: aluminum has a matte surface thanks to its anodized layer, which under normal conditions of use does not undergo changes.

The surface must be protected from abrasive or scratching objects. Aluminum is sensitive to alkaline media. Materials containing cement act in combination with moisture in an alkaline way and can cause corrosion depending on the concentration level and the exposure time (formation of aluminum hydroxide). Any remaining grouting mortar or cement-glue must be removed immediately, especially in the case of aluminum.

Lacquered aluminum: the aluminum is pretreated (chrome plated) and coated with a polyurethane powder coating. This coating does not change color and is resistant to UVA rays and the elements. Visible edges must be protected from abrasions.

Textured lacquered aluminum: it is a profile with finishes inspired by nature (other characteristics, see indication below, textured aluminum).


  1. Select ARCLINE-APE according to tile thickness. Apply tile adhesive to the area where the profile is to be installed, using a notched trowel. Note: The corresponding profile installation height must be taken into account for the individual accessories; see product data sheet 2.20 Schlüter-ARCLINE-ACCESSORIES. We generally don’t recommend installing the profile below a height of 70 cm.
  2. Press the perforated anchoring leg of ARCLINE-APE firmly into the adhesive and align it.
  3. Trowel additional adhesive over the perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage and fill the open profile chambers on the reverse side with tile adhesive.
  4. Firmly press the adjoining tiles into place and align them in such a way that the upper profile edge slightly extends over or is flush with the tile (the profile should not be positioned below the top level of the covering; preferably, it should protrude by approx. 1 mm).
  5. The tile is set to the lateral joint spacer, which creates an evenly spaced joint of 1.5 mm.
  6. The pre-adhered decorative insert prevents the grout from entering the profile during installation. It must be removed immediately after grouting.
  7. You can now insert Schlüter-ARCLINE accessories or reapply the decorative insert after rinsing it off in clean water.

Installing ARCLINE accessories

  1. Check the proper placement of the rounded end into the latch.
  2. Place the accessory parallel to the wall with the latch in front of the receiving profile.
  3. Slowly tilt the accessory toward the top (up to max. 40°), while pushing lightly at the level of the receiving profile.
  4. The accessory audibly clicks into the receiving profile.
  5. Slowly bring the accessory to its final position by resting it against the wall.
  6. Snap the supplied decorative clip on the clamping profile between the wall and the glass support panel.
  7. Use two decorative clips if there are two clamping profiles.
  8. Optionally attach the supplied spacers (a. silicone spacer, b. suction cup) at the lower end of the accessory or the wall

Note: To remove the accessory, take off the installed decorative clips with the supplied accessory lever and repeat the above steps in reverse order. In this case, slightly pull at the level of the receiving profile instead of pushing.

ARCLINE-APE - Decorative profile for fitting accessories


Schlüter-ARCLINE-APE does not require any special maintenance. To ensure proper retrofit installation, the inside of the profile groove must be kept clean. For delicate surfaces, the use of abrasive cleaners should be avoided. Anodizing damage can only be repaired by repainting.

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