Linox esquinero inoxidable sobrepuesto
Linox esquinero inoxidable sobrepuesto
Linox esquinero inoxidable sobrepuesto
Linox esquinero inoxidable sobrepuesto

Linox TS - Angle stainless steel profile superimposed


Reinforced corner profile for tiles made of stainless steel AISI 304 overlapped to protect corners and countertops in all types of kitchens, shops and homes. Brushed finish.

Ideal for its easy placement with putty or resin. Resistant to the shocks and impacts of cars and friction of use.

Width (mm)
Long (cm)
Thickness (mm)
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25 2% €10.65
50 5% €53.27


Stainless steel corner profile as a solution to protect edges made of AISI-304 Stainless Steel. It is easily installed on finished tiled walls or other types of coverings. The durability and toughness of stainless steel ensure durable wall protection. Available in high gloss and brushed finish.

  • h: 15, 25, 30, 50 mm
  • Length: 2.50 m


Linox TS is a profile intended for the protection of edges on ceramic-coated or plastered walls.


Linox TS is a profile made of AISI-304 stainless steel. All batches of material used are composition tested to determine that they meet the alloy specification.

Stainless steel is a highly resistant and durable material with an excellent surface appearance that does not degrade over time. The available finish is brushed. All finishes are smooth and slightly porous, thus facilitating installation hygiene.

Technical characteristics and tests

  • Alloy: AISI-304 stainless steel


  1. Initially clean the profile and the surface where it will be placed, to facilitate a correct adhesion without imperfections.
  2. Then apply adhesive to the inside faces of the profile to facilitate bonding. You can use a mounting adhesive or polyurethane putty.
  3. Align the profile against the surface and hold it down until a proper bond has been produced.
  4. Remove excess material, if necessary, and allow to dry.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the material immediately after installation is essential to prevent the remains of mortar, cement or iron particles from scouring pads or tools from causing corrosion pitting.

For interior applications, you can use dishwashing liquid, detergent, or liquid soap to remove dirt and possible fingerprints that have been marked. For high gloss finishes you can use a glass cleaner. There are specific stainless steel cleaners on the market that clean it and reduce the appearance of possible stains. Whenever you clean the stainless steel, be sure to rinse it well and dry it completely to avoid tarnishing.

Steel wool or similar products are not recommended, as they can scratch the surface and create corrosion pitting. Take special care in the use of materials containing chlorides, as they are contraindicated since they cause oxidation. Hydrochloric acid or iron products in prolonged contact are also not recommended. Never use ordinary steel cleaners for stainless steel.

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