TREP-TAP-R - Embossed stair step covering


Embossed coating on profiles for steps or stairwells of stairs for TREP-TAP-R stairs that adapts to the aluminum or stainless steel profile.

Long (cm)
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The stair edging profile for tiles Schlüter TREP-S / -SE are special profiles for creating slip resistant and visually attractive stair nosings. They are suitable for use in areas subjected to heavy foot-traffic, such as offices or public buildings. TREP-S / -SE feature a tread surface that can be replaced in case of damage or wear.

Stair edge profile that protects the step’s front edge while its special slip resistant tread is designed to increase visual awareness, adding a high degree of safety to stairs.

All three profile types have been approved for use in applications where the risk of slipping exists (BIA test certificate, slip resistance assessment group R 9). Matching end caps are available as accessories.

This stair profile TREP-TAP-R provides additional coverage for front edges to comply with disability requirements (DDA) in public buildings.

TREP-TAP-R - Smooth stair step covering


  • TREP-TAP-R:   B= 61 mm

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