Policord cordon espuma sellado de juntas
Policord cordon espuma sellado de juntas

Sika polyethylene foam rod for sealing applications


Gasket bottom, polyethylene foam cord for filling or cover, bottom base made of closed cell polyethylene foam, easily compressible, supplied in the form of cords of circular section of various diameters. Serves as a depth limiter for seals in expansion joints.

Supplied in whole rolls and long according to measure.

(Approximate delivery time of 7 days)

Diameter (mm)


They are cylindrical profiles of closed cell polyethylene foam. They are used as a complementary material in the application of sealing products.

Sika® Joint Bottom is a suitable complementary material to define the joint depth, in order to achieve an appropriate joint factor, which is conditioned by the characteristics of the sealant.

It can be used in: traditional masonry, screen walls, heavy or light precast, floor joints, etc. with our putties:

  • Sikaflex®
  • Sikaflex® AT
  • Sikasil®
  • Sikacryl®


  • Easy handling given its lightness.
  • Good resistance to most solvents and chemicals.
  • Low water absorption.
  • Good thread break.
  • Non-stick supplement to all Sika putties. In this way they make it easier for them to work only horizontally, free of all bottom tension.
  • Heat-weldable.


Diameter (mm) Contents Box (m.l) Presentation
6 2500 solid
10 1150 solid
15 550 solid
20 350 solid
25 200 solid
30 160 solid
40 270 2 m strips, solid
50 180 2 m strips, solid


  • Appearance / Color: Gray
  • Chemical composition: Closed cell polyethylene foam.
  • Density: ~ 35kg / m
  • Thermal stability: -40 ° C to +60 ° C

Application Details

Regarding the choice of the appropriate width, widths greater than 25% of the width of the joint must be used to prevent the putty from overflowing the bottom of the joint when being trimmed to smooth it.

The installation is carried out by lateral compression of the joint bottom against the lips of the joint. It will be introduced at the previously defined depth using any auxiliary device similar to a wooden T.

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