Rodapie semiflex PVC 100mm
Rodapie semiflex PVC 100mm

Novorodapie semiflex - Semi flexible PVC skirting


Semiflex PVC skirting board is a profile made of semi-flexible white or gray PVC. Flexibility highly functional adaptability. White or gray skirting board.

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Semi flexible skirting profile made of semi-flexible white or gray PVC. Flexibility highly functional adaptability. White or gray skirting board.

Flexible skirting profile made of semi-flexible PVC, in-tended to be installed as a skirting. Its flexibility grade provides it with the hardiness of rigid materials and the adaptability of the flexible ones, so is a highly functional profile. Its geometry, with the lower edge cove shaped, makes easier the cleaning and avoids the accumulation of germ. Available in white and grey colors.

Novorodapie semiflex - Rodapié de PVC semi flexible


PVC profile skirting intended to be installed as a skirting profile. This profile is made of semi-flexible plastic, which gives a superior resistance to flexible PVC profiles but maintaining certain grade of flexibility. The properties of the material and its soft surface, make it a perfect option in areas with common and agressive cleanings. Thanks to its size and geometry is a perfect option for hospitals or nurseries.Novorodapie® Semiflex is appropriate for indoor installations. This profile has not been designed to resist UV, so its installation outdoors may cause fading or yellowing.



Novorodapie Semiflex is a profile made of semi-flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is a polar amorphous thermoplastic polymer highly resistant to abrasion, co-rrosion and a wide range of chemical products. Has a good resistance to impact, low water absorption, low electrical conductivity and is dimensionally stable.


Novorodapie Semiflex is an easy-to-install profile that do not need additional fixing screws.

  1. Clean the wall to install the Novorodapie Semiflex and check the profile.
  2. Apply part of the adhesive to the wall. Then, apply part of the adhesive on the rear of the profile. You can use contact glue or mounting adhesives. * Be sure the adhesive is appropriate for gluing PVC.
  3. Glue the profile to the wall pressing to get an optimal adhesion.
  4. Clean the possible adhesive leftover and let dry.

*Each adhesive has its own features. Be sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer in each case.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning can be done with water and detergent or specific cleaner diluted. The correct use of bleach or stronger cleaners on the market do not affect PVC. In case of doubt, always use the cleaners diluted and do a test on a small area.It is not recommended using chromic acid, sulfuric acid or organic solvents as ethyl acetate, acetone or toluene.

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