Rodapie aluminio ECO
Rodapie aluminio ECO

Novorodapie Eclipse - Aluminum skirting for drywall and LED light


Decorative aluminum skirting board for finishing of yeco plates, of elegant simple design. Allows you to place led lighting in the socket to create ambient light

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LED skirting profile made of aluminum to be installed as a skirting in plasterboard or tiled walls. Thanks to its geometry, the profile protects the bottom edge of the wall, generating an innovative hollow effect like if the wall was suspended in the air. Its simple lines, finished with a small curve, create a smooth surface that avoids the accumulation of dirtiness and makes easy the cleaning. In addition to be a skirting, this profile can also be a finish the top of the wall. Optionally a LED strip can be installed in the interior hollow , providing the profile with a double functionality and a high decorative value.

Novorodapie Eclipse - Rodapié de aluminio para placa de yeso y luz LED


  • h: 13/15 mm
    • a: 70 / 100 mm
  • Length:2,5 ml

Technical features

  • Alloy: 6063 - T5
  • Fire resistance: M0 (UNE 23-727-90)
  • Abrasion resistance: High
  • Lightfastness: Excellent
  • Appearance and color: EN 12373-1


Skirting profile made by extrusion of aluminum. The anodizing process improves the corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance and appearance of profiles. It has the quality seal Qualanod, which guarantees the quality of the process and the resulting profiles. This seal regulates several tests: appearance and color, thickness measurements, sealing and impregnation control, abrasion resistance, lightfastness, acetic saline chamber and nitric acid immersion.

The lacquered finishes have a high quality and homogeneus surface. The lacquering has the quality seal Qualicoat, which guarantees the quality of the process and the final products.

The aluminum has excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties. It is lightweight, tough, ductile, malleable and highly durable.


Easy-to-install profile. It can be installed before or after the work.

  1. Install the plasterboards on the walls leaving a space on the bottom to install the skirting.
  2. Apply mounting adhesive or polyurethane mastic on the rear of the profile.
  3. Place the profile and press it firmly to ensure an optimal adhesion.
  4. Remove the possible leftover adhesive and let dry.

You can also begin installing the profile and then continue installing the plasterboard panels.

Cleaning and maintenance

The product must be cleaned periodically with a soft cloth. If you use a neutral liquid cleaner, you must rinse the profile with cold water and dry it to remove the humidity excess. The persistent dirtiness can be removed by using cleaning approved agents lightly abrasive or a grid covered with polished powder neutral.

Steel wool, abrasive cleaners, souring products as well as strong acids (hydrochloric and perchloric),strong bases (caustic soda or ammonia) or carbonated solutions are not recommended. Citric acid is neither recommended because disolves the protective layer of the surface of aluminium. Waxes, petrolatum, lanolin or similar substances are not appropriate. Solvents containing haloalkanes (hydrofluoroether and chlorinated solvents) and curing accelerators containing chlorides should not be used (use special accelerators free of chlorides). 

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