Escocia PVC sanitaria barras 2,5 m
Escocia PVC sanitaria barras 2,5 m
Escocia PVC sanitaria barras 2,5 m
Escocia PVC sanitaria barras 2,5 m

cove-shaped profile sanitary PVC or half-round profile


Cove-shaped profile sanitary PVC or half-round profile to avoid dirt accumulation in difficult areas, belonging to the Scottish range. White skirting boards.

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Hygienic corner cove PVC profile or half-round profile to avoid accumulation of dirt in difficult areas. Half-round profile to avoid dirt accumulation in difficult areas. It is made up of two pieces of PVC: a rigid base and a flexible part, whose edges allow it to adapt to possible irregularities in the tiling.

It is composed by two bodies of PVC: one rigid and one soft, which edges allow it to fit the possible irregularities of the tiled wall. First, place the base, fixing it to the existent tiled wall with a sylicone-type adhesive and then place the curved profile, inserting it with pressure.

Cove-shaped profile sanitary PVC or half-round profile


  • a=60 mm
  • h=37 mm
  • Long = 2,5 m


  • White



  • Corners between walls and kitchen countertops
  • Perimeters in shower trays or bathtubes.
  • Encounters: wall-floor, wall-wall or wall-ceiling botn horizontally and vertically.

It is an ideal product for bathrooms, kitchens, medical consultations, restaurants... It has a versatile design which is appropriate for homes, offices, public buildings or installations with high requirements of hygiene and cleaning such as garbage rooms, cold storages, communities, etc.

Technical Features and tests

  • Fire resistance: M2 (UNE 23-727-90)
  • Abrasion resistance: Very good
  • Working temperature: -10ºC / 60ºC
  • Resistance to chemical agents: Good except with chromic, sulfuric acid and organic solvents like acetate and toluene / AIM-PLAS



Cove profile made by coextrusion of PVC-P (rigid PVC) and PVC-U (flexible PVC). PVC-U provides a perfect adaptability to corners while PVC-P is suitable, due to its rigidity, to be the piece to be placed in the tiles as a support.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is a polar amorphous thermoplastic polymer highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion and a wide range of chemical products. Has a good resistance to impact, low water absorption, low electrical conductivity and is dimensionally stable.


Clean the surface where is going to be installed:

  1. Apply a big amount of adhesive on the rear surfaces of the rigid piece. You can use an adhesive type silicone like.
  2. Place the rigid piece on the encounter between wall and bathtube (or the encounter you need) and press, so both faces to join will make perfect contact with the surface. Then, let dry.
  3. Once it is dry, join the flexible piece to the rigid one by introducing the toothed part in the hollow of the rigid one, as it is shown in the draw below. Then, press until the scotia is fixed and correctly installed.

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