Escocia PVC sanitaria barras 2,5 m

Novoescocia 4 Mini Antibacteriana - Cove-shaped sanitary profile


Profile with a smoothed curve and reduced size, wich makes easier the cleaning of difficult areas and avoids the germen accumulation. The technology applied on its surface, protects it against harmful organisms such as molds, fungi and bacteria.

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Profile with a smoothed curve and reduced size, wich makes easier the cleaning of difficult areas and avoids the germen accumulation. The technology applied on its surface, protects it against harmful organisms such as molds, fungi and bacteria. Its installation without need of work, makes it perfect for rehabilitation or reform works.It’s ideal for installations where high levels of hygiene and cleaning are required or for homes for private use.

Sanitary profile in aluminum or half round Novoescocia Mini


  • a= 15,3 mm
  • h= 11 mm



Profile made by extrusion of aluminium. Its coating improves the corrosion resistance and provides properties for control of microbial deterioration.The aluminium is a material with excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties. It is lightweight, tough, ductile, malleable and highly durable.


The complementary pieces of Novoescocia® 4 Mini are made of Zamak. The zamak is a non ferrous alloy of zinc with aluminium, magnesium and copper (UNE EN 1774). It is tough, has high hardness, high mechanical strength and excellent plastic deformability.The surface finish applied, protects the profile and is similar to Novoescocia 4 Mini’s finishes.


  • 119 - Bright white antibact
  • 136 - Matt white antibact
  • 137 - Matt beige antibact
  • 120 - Metallic antibact
  • 162 - Anthracite


Scope of Novoescocia 4 Mini:

  1. Corners between wall and kitchen counter
  2. Perimeters in shower trays or bathtubes- Wall-floor, wall-wall or wall
  3. eiling joints, horizontally and vertically
  4. It’s ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, medical consultations, restaurants, etc...Its design is versatile and is appropriate for homes, offices, public buildings or installations with high requirements of hygiene and cleaning.

Control of the microbial deterioration

Novoescocia 4 mini has a specific coating which protects the initial properties of materials and objects where it’s applied through the control of microbial deterioration. The technology applied to the profile is a volatile compound resistant to high temperatures. Its eficacy extends along the profile’s life and doesn’t suffer detriment in its activity because it’s not eliminated through daily cleaning.

Novoescocia 4 Mini prevents, on the surface of its profile, the growth and migration of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and molds, interfering with the gas permeability of the membrane (cellular breathing). In this way, microorganism lose quickly its ability to grow and reproduce, producing its destruction. The probability that microorganisms develope resistance to treatment is very low.

Novoescocia 4 Mini is effective against a large number of bacteria among which are: Legionella neumophilia,Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcos Aureus (SARM), Listeria Monocytogenes, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Streptococcus Faecalis, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus y Enterobacter Aerogenes.


Limpie la superficie destinada a la Novoescocia 4 Mini:

Cubra abundantemente las caras posteriores de Novoescocia 4 Mini con adhesivo tipo silicona como por ejemplo “MS Sellante Adhesivo” de Fischer.
Rellene también la cavidad posterior con el mismo adhesivo para asegurar una perfecta estanquei-dad y un buen agarre.
Coloque la Novoescocia 4 mini contra el vértice donde quiere instalarla y presione firmemente asegurando un buen contacto entre las superficies .
Finalmente limpie el material sobrante y deje secar.
En aristas verticales interiores puede colocar también la Novoescocia 4 Mini y para un acabado y protección completos, recomendamos la instalación de Novolistel 3 en aristas exteriores verticales como complemento. Este listel está disponible con el mismo recubrimiento antibacteriano que la Novoescocia. Las piezas de ángulo complementarias permiten su combinación, garantizando un perfecto acabado en los encuentros, también con el recubrimiento antibacteriano.


Clean the surface destinated to the installation of Novoescocia 4 Mini.

  1. Cover generously the back face of Novoescocia 4 Mini with an adhesive silicone type such as “MS Sealing/Express Adhesive” from Fischer.
  2. Fill also the posterior cavity with the same adhesive to ensure a perfect sealing and good grip.
  3. Place the Novoescocia 4 Mini on the corner and press firmly ensuring a good contact between both surfaces.
  4. Finally clean the remaining material and let dry

To achieve a complete finish and protection, we recommend the installation of Novolistel 3 in vertical edges as a complement for these Novoescia. This listello is available with the same covering with control of microbial deterioration. The angle pieces allow its combination, guaranteing a perfect finish in the joints. The are also available with the same covering.

Cleaning and maintenance

The product must be cleaned periodically with a soft cloth. If you use a neutral liquid cleaner, you must rinse the profile with cold water and dry it to remove the humidity excess. The persistent dirtiness can be removed by using cleaning approved agents lightly abrasive or a grid covered with polished powder neutral. If a preserving agent is applied, as well as keep a very thin layer of water repellent, note that it can’t be yellow,attract dust or dirt or have iridescent effects.

Steel wool, abrasive cleaners, souring products as well as strong acids (hydrochloric and perchloric),strong bases (caustic soda or ammonia) or carbonated solutions are not recommended. Citric acid is neither recommended because disolves the protective layer of the surface of aluminium. Waxes, petrolatum, lanolin or similar substances are not appropriate. Solvents containing haloalkanes (hydrofluoroether and chlorinated solvents) and curing accelerators containing chlorides should not be used (use special accelerators free of chlorides).

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Novoescocia 4 Mini Antibacteriana - Cove-shaped sanitary profile

Novoescocia 4 Mini Antibacteriana - Cove-shaped sanitary profile

Profile with a smoothed curve and reduced size, wich makes easier the cleaning of difficult areas and avoids the germen accumulation. The technology applied on its surface, protects it against harmful organisms such as molds, fungi and bacteria.