BARA-ESOT - Stainless steel baseboard carrier profile


BARA-ESOT is a stainless steel plinth carrier profile, which can be used when there is no carrier base for plinth tiles.

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Schlüter BARA-ESOT is an angular support profile for bonding skirting tiles to non-load-bearing substrates. These substrates include zinc-flashing or bituminous waterproofing layers which are used at wall/ floor transitions on balconies and terraces. A foam insulation strip, cut in the same width as the skirting tile, is placed between the vertical leg of the profile and the wall.

The trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg of Schlüter BARA-ESOT is embedded in the tile adhesive and covered by the floor tile. The special perforation of the vertical leg positions Schlüter BARA-ESOT approximately 1 mm from the insulating strip. First, dry-set mortar is applied to the skirting tile. The tile is then set against the vertical leg of the profile. The dry-set mortar penetrated the perforations of the skirting support and thus locked into the special structure of the profile.

A joint of approximately 5 mm should be left between the skirting and the floor tile. The joint is then filled completely with grout. Finally, a flexible joint on top of the base tile is constructed using an appropriate sealing compound.

Stainless steel baseboard carrier profile BARA-ESOT


Schlüter BARA-ESOT is an angle profile made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel. Both legs of the profile are perforated. In addition, the vertical leg includes spacer deflections.

Material properties and areas of application:
Schlüter BARA-ESOT is used in the absence of a load-bearing substrate for the base tile, e.g., over waterproofing membranes which carry up the wall, or in cases where the skirting will not be bonded to the wall. Floor structures laid over waterproofing membranes must include the Schlüter TROBA-PLUS drainage system so that water does not collect at or behind the skirting. Skirtings laid on Schlüter BARA-ESOT will absorb normal impacts caused by brooms or mops.

In special cases, the suitability of a proposed type of profile must be verified based on the anticipated chemical, mechanical, and/or other stresses.


  1. Apply a foam insulation strip to the wall at the height of the skirting.
  2. Embed the perforated anchoring leg of Schlüter BARA-ESOT into the contact layer of the floor surface while pressing the profile against the insulation strip.
  3. The floor tiles are embedded into the tile adhesive over the anchoring leg, ensuring complete coverage.
  4. Apply tile adhesive to the back of the base tiles and attach to the vertical leg of the profile. The adhesive must penetrate the profile perforations to ensure firm adhesion of the base tiles. Prior application of the foam strip prevents a force-conductive bond to the wall. A joint of approximately 5 mm should be left between the floor tile and the base tile. The joint must then be filled completely with grout.
  5. The wall connection above the skirting shall be sealed with a flexible sealing compound.
  6. Please note: The base tile must either meet or exceed the height of the skirting support profile. However, the foam insulation strip must be applied at full skirting height.


Schlüter BARA-ESOT profiles require no special or preventative maintenance.

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