Novo peldaño Maxidakar barras 2,5 m
Novo peldaño Maxidakar barras 2,5 m
Novo peldaño Maxidakar barras 2,5 m
Novo peldaño Maxidakar barras 2,5 m

Novolistel 5 Stainless Steel - Decorative profile or listello


Decorative profile or listello made of stainless steel. Decorative profiles of rectangular section, suitable for listel, separator, corner, etc.

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Listello made with AISI-304 Stainless steel. Its installation is easy during the tiling work and it is appropiate for every tile thickness. Its visible side is highly decorative, that is why this profile is great for elegance and modern atmospheres. It is available in high brightness finish.

Decorative profile or listello model Novolistel


  • a: 25 mm
  • h: 7 mm

Technical Features

  • Corrosion Resistance:  Salt spray test+504 hours without change / UNE 112017:92
  • Fire Resistance:  M0 (UNE 23-727-90) / UNE 23-727-90


Stainless Steel

profile made of AISI-304 Stainless steel. All material batches are tested with the chemical composition test to determine that they fulfill with the specification of the alloy. Stainless steel used has been also tested with salt spray test, exceeding 500 hours of exposition without signs of corrosion.

Stainless steel is a highly durable and resistent material, with an excellent superficial appearance that does not degrade along the time. The finish available is high brightness. All the finishes are slightly porous and smooth, making easier the hygiene of the installation. 


Listello for indoors and outdoors in case of anodized finishes.This listello has the following appications:

  • As listello.
  • As corner protection.


  1. First of all, clean the profile and the surface where you are going to installe it.
  2. Add little quatity of mortar material into the internal cavity of Novolistel® 5.
  3. Aline the profile with the tile and press carefully.
  4. Then, continue tiling the wall up to the desired height.
  5. Finally, clean the material and let it dry.

Cleaning and maintenance

t’s necessary the immediate cleaning of the material after its installation to avoid that remainings of mortar, concrete or iron particles from wool or tool could cause corrosion.

For outdoor applications, such as facades, the rain is an efficient cleaner. Pay special attention to difficult access areas and be sure you remove all the remainings of dust and the rest of elements. You can do this cleaning once per month.

For indoor applications, you can use water with detergent or liquid soap to remove dirtiness and possible fingerprints marked on the surface. In highly brilliant finishes, you can use a glass cleaner. There are specific cleaners in the markets for stainless steel which clean the material and reduce possible stains. Whenever you clean stainless steel, ensure you rinse it well and dry totally to prevent fogging.

Steel wool or similar products, are not recommended because they could scratch the surface and create pitting corrosion. Pay special attention while using materials containing chlorides, they are not indicated because could oxidize the material. Hydrochloric acid or iron products in a long contact with the material are neither recommended. Do not use cleaners for common steel for the cleaning of stainless steel. 

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