SCHIENE-TS -Corner profile for parquets or terrazzo
SCHIENE-TS -Corner profile for parquets or terrazzo
SCHIENE-TS -Corner profile for parquets or terrazzo
SCHIENE-TS -Corner profile for parquets or terrazzo

SCHIENE-AC - Anodised aluminium edge profile


Corner edging profile to protect and decorate the edges of parquet or other coverings, e.g. terrazzo. The transition between the fixing side and the edging side is rectangular. In addition, the even edging side is suitable for sanding.

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Anodised aluminium edgebanding profile to protect and decorate the edges of ceramic tiles and flooring, but can also be used for other coverings and applications. It can also be used for other types of cladding materials and for other applications. Other areas of application include transitions between different types of floor coverings (e.g. between tiles and carpet), skirting board edging, edge protection at expansion joints, clean and decorative step edging, as well as surface and room boundaries of any kind. It is also suitable for clean separations between different covering materials, e.g. carpet, parquet, laminate, natural stone flooring or resin-based reaction coatings.

Due to the special thickness and angle of the profile, the loads are deflected to the covering and the substrate. This effectively protects the edges of the floor covering from damage. A spacer, which is part of the profile from a height of 6 mm, creates a defined joint between the profile and the tile. The SCHIENE profile can be produced in all materials with a radial "R" cut-out, which allows the profile to be bent into a rounded cross-section.

Anodised aluminium edge profile SCHIENE-A


The profile is available in the following versions:

  • SCHIENE-AC - Anodised aluminium corner piece.

How to use

  1. Choose SCHIENE according to the thickness of the tiles.
  2. Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel.
  3. Place the SCHIENE profile by pressing the trapezoid-shaped perforated side into the adhesive and tighten it.
  4. Completely cover the perforated side with tile adhesive.
  5. Lay the tiles by pressing and adjusting them to the level of the profile (the profile should not overlap the tiles, but should be up to 1 mm below). There should be no gaps on the back of the tiles in the profile areas.
  6. The tile is glued to the profile spacer, thus ensuring a uniform joint of 1.5 mm. If the profiles do not have a spacer, a joint of approximately 1.5 mm must be respected.
  7. Completely fill the joint between tiles and profile with grout.


  • SCHIENE does not require any special maintenance. For delicate surfaces, the use of abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided.

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