Junta de dilatación para puentes JDP-50
Junta de dilatación para puentes JDP-50

Elastomeric Expansion Joint for Bridges JDP-75

Elastomeric structural expansion joint for bridges measuring 220x1835x35. High resistance to abrasion and temperature changes. Structural opening of 52 mm and maximum movement of +/- 26mm.

(Delivery time: 20 business days)

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Expansion joints for bridges consist of an elastic element, multidirectional deformation, with the ability to absorb large movements avoiding discomfort to traffic traffic, provide effective sealing of the expansion joint, require little maintenance, are easy to replace, offer great resistance to abrasion and temperature changes. They have an inner steel plate, designed to avoid deformation of the surface.

The different models of this elastomeric gasket cover a wide range of movements ranging from 50mm to 1600mm. It is supplied in modules of a certain length and are anchored to both sides of the structural joint. All of them have the possibility of forming special pieces, in order to guarantee a continuity of the sealing.

The main material used is elastomer rubber, S355 steel L-plates inside give the gasket the necessary mechanical resistance, while an aluminum plate on the top protects the elastomer from road traffic.

Joints meet all conditions of elongation, shear hardness and ozone resistance.

High elastic elastomeric bridge expansion joint JDP-75

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